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If you wish to travel abroad you must hold a full ten-year passport, even for a day trip. Losing a passport on holiday can cause a major interruption and ruin your holiday. A valid passport is essential for any trip abroad and therefore you need to ensure it is kept safe.

Family Safe Holidays can help you keep all your family’s passports safe and help in the event that they are lost or stolen:

  • Use your free* Family Safe Plus account to store the passport number of each family member – this will help should you need to get a replacement.

  • Search for the contact details (see below) of the local UK Embassy where you are staying – they will help you get a new passport, if appropriate.

  • Buy a Family Safe Holidays pack with 6 Passport Guards, 4 Luggage Guards, 4 Wallet Guards and 10 Wristbands. Enter your mobile phone number and your Family Safe Plus ID (issued when you register for the free service) on the Passport Guard and anyone finding you passport can contact you direct or through our 24hr support centre

Top Tips & Checklist:

  • Check all family’s passport expiry dates. Some countries require that a passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of return to the UK.

  • Enter the passport number for each member of your family on your Family Safe Plus account.

  • Buy a Family Safe Holidays passport guard.

  • Take two copes of each passport and take one copy with you (keep separate from passport) and leave one copy with a friend or relative.

  • Apart from your passport, take another form of identification with you (preferably one with a photograph, such as a driving licence) – this will help in the event of needing a replacement passport.

  • Fill in the contact details at the back of your passport for your next-of-kin or someone who can be contacted in an emergency.

  • If your child has a 'baby passport' then this needs renewing before your child is 5 years old.

  • Existing stamps in your passport may prevent entry into certain countries. If in doubt contact the passport office (see below).

  • Some countries require a Visa (a stamp in your passport that gives you right of entry). For advice on whether you need a Visa - (see below).

*Family Safe Holidays provides a free Family Safe Plus account for your next holiday. To have 365 day protection at home and abroad for your family, upgrade for just £10 and get a free Family Safe Holidays pack (worth £9.99)

Useful Links:

Passport Office
Passport Office tel:- 0870 521 0410 (lines are open 24 hours a day and calls are charged at the national rate)  

To find your local Foreign & Commonwealth Office abroad: -

Passports & Visas Advice -

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