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Money & Cards

Losing your wallet or purse could ruin your holiday. Most people do not carry all the numbers needed to cancel their cards and travellers cheques and could lose thousands of pounds from their accounts.

Use your free* Family Safe Plus account to record the emergency telephone numbers of your credit/debit card issuers and write down your travellers cheques numbers – vital if you need to cancel and re-issue them.

For added peace of mind, buy a Family Safe Plus Holiday Pack with 4 Wallet Guards, 6 Passport Guards, 4 Luggage Guards and 10 waterproof wristbands. Simply enter your mobile phone number and Family Safe Plus ID (issued when you take up free registration through this site) on the Wallet Guard and place in your wallet. Anyone finding your wallet will be able to contact you direct or through our 24hr support centre.

Here are some tips and checks to help ensure a Family Safe Holiday:

  • Write down all emergency numbers in your Family Safe Plus account.

  • Travellers cheques are a safe way of taking money abroad as you’ll need proof of identity such as a passport to cash them.

  • Make a note of all serial numbers for your travelers cheques in your Family Safe Plus account

  • Do not carry all your cash in one pocket or bag and only carry as much money as you need for the day. If you have to carry a lot of money, ask your partner or a friend to carry some of it for you

  • Check to see if your insurance covers you for lost money and provides emergency funds

  • Carry your valuables close to your body in a concealed belt or pouch. Decide what works for you that’s practical and safe.

  • If you’re on the beach or by a pool keep a close eye on your bags, especially if you go swimming – there are many movement detectors on the market which might help

Emergency contact numbers for lost/stolen cards:

These are the emergency contact numbers to call for lost or stolen plastic cards, including for banks and building societies.

Bank Contact Numbers

Lost and stolen cards (24 hour)
UK: 08459 724 724 option 3
Overseas: +44 (0) 161 951 6500)


Useful links & numbers:

Card Watch -

American Express
Cards UK: 01273 696 933
Abroad: +44 (0)1273 696 933
Travellers Cheques UK: 0800 521 313
Abroad: +44 (0)1273 571 600

Mastercard Lost/Stolen Cards  -

Mastercard ATM Locator -
Tel: +(44)020 7557-5000

Visa Lost/Stolen Cards -

Visa Lost Travellers Cheques -

Currency Converter -

*Family Safe Holidays provides a free Family Safe Plus account for your next holiday. To have 365 day protection at home and abroad for your family, upgrade for just £10 and get a free Family Safe Holidays pack (worth £9.99)

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