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There seems to be thousands of travel insurers to choose from so we have tried to save you time by finding two specialist travel insurers.

All travel advice sites state that travel insurance is vital, and for very good reasons.  

Insurance is not just about lost baggage or cancelled holidays – just ask the thousands of people who need emergency medical treatment whilst abroad! Having an accident or illness on holiday could cost you tens of thousands of pounds. However, taking out travel insurance can cover most eventualities.

Use your Family Safe Plus account to store the policy number and emergency helpline number in case you need it in an emergency.

Special Insurance Deals!

We have tried to save you time and money by finding two specialist travel insurers; Travel Insurance Web is a winner of an impressive 8 Which? Best Buy awards in 2007 and; Columbus Direct - a leading travel insurance company established in 1988 which prides itself on being a reputable company you can trust.

Please use the links below to get a quote and ensure nothing is left to chance!

Travel Insurance Web

Travel Insurance Web are winners of no less than 8 Which? Best Buys for travel insurance (May 2007).

Which? Best Buy status is awarded to the very best products and services tested by Which? This well regarded accolade is only awarded to products or services which achieve the highest results after the rigorous comparative testing and analysis by Which?

Columbus Direct

• Specialist, reputable travel insurance provider
• Provide 24hr emergency support number
• Emergency medical expenses and repatriation linked to terrorism
• All policies include cover for Medical expenses
• Includes air ambulance and repatriation back to the UK
• Legal fees covered between £10,000 - £25,000 depending on policy
• Cover is available for a large range of pre-existing medical conditions through Columbus call centre - some of which can be covered for free, and some for an additional charge.
• Columbus can cover up to age 88 on Classic policies. The maximum age for Annual multi-trip cover is 74
• Repatriation of body in the event of death
• Family members insured will be covered to claim for curtailment of their trip if you fall ill or are injured

Insurance Checklist:

  • Make sure your insurance is up to date, valid for the entire trip and covers everyone who is travelling.

  • Look at the small print very carefully to see what the policy covers.

  • Things to take into consideration on your policy:

    • injury or death through acts of terrorism or nature.

    • engaging in dangerous sports.

    • existing medical conditions.

    • legal costs.

    • cover for over 65's.

    • medical bills (which can be very expensive).

    • air ambulance, in case you need to be flown home.

    • bringing the body home in the event of death.

    • bringing your family home, in the event of your illness or injury.

    • access to 24hr helpline.

    • accidents caused through drinking alcohol.

  • Take two copies of the policy and 24hr emergency number and take one copy with you (keep separate from actual policy) and leave a copy with someone in the UK.

  • Enter the policy number and 24hr emergency number onto your Family Safe Plus account.

For further travel advice and the need for insurance, please visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website

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