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Family Safe Holiday Pack

This pack is provided free (£1.50 P&P charge) if you spend £10 upgrading to an annual Family Safe Plus membership or is available from our shop at £9.99.

Family Safe Holidays Pack can help protect your children, wallet/purse, passports and luggage – all for £9.99!

Pack includes:

  • 6 Passports Guards

  • 4 Wallet Guards

  • 4 Luggage Guards

  • 10 Child Safe Wristbands

Luggage Guards

These 'pop out' of the pack and are fastened by tough plastic ties.

Simply enter a mobile number and your Family Safe Plus ID (issued when you register) and help make sure your luggage goes on holiday with you!

If your luggage, handbags, camera bags etc are lost, these Guards will help reunite them with you. Anyone finding the item can phone your mobile number or our 24hr Support centre and quote your Family ID. We can look up your contact numbers and help track you down, at home or abroad.

Wallet Guards

These wallet guards work in the same way as the Luggage Guards. Write your mobile phone number and Family ID on the reverse so that anyone finding your wallet or purse will have two ways of contacting you. You may be surprised but the majority of people finding a lost wallet will do just that!

Passport Guards

Losing a passport is annoying and can ruin your holiday. Placing a Passport Guard on the outside back cover is the simplest way to save a lot of time, effort and money getting a new one.

Passport Guards can help get your passport returned to you quickly. Once peeled and stuck on to the back of a passport these guards will stay stuck and go on helping your family for years to come. Just enter your mobile phone number and Family ID in the space provided.

Ten Disposable Wristbands

Wristbands are straight-forward and effective for young children.

Our wristbands are waterproof and colourful and on the back have a section where the family’s contact details or holiday rep’s contact details can be filled in along with the Family ID. The wristbands are very durable and once on will last a few days each.

Anyone finding your child can ring the 24hr Support Centre and quote your Family ID. We can then look up your contact numbers and help to re-unite you and your child in the shortest possible time.

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