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Family Safety

Ensuring the family stays safe on holiday is of paramount importance to all parents. Family Safe Holidays is therefore a vital tool to help you keep your family safe.

That’s why with Family Safe Holidays you will get a free* Family Safe Plus account for the duration of your next holiday. Use it to upload a close-up photo of each family member, record any medical conditions or medication and enter all your contact details (both mobile numbers and contacts of where you are staying).   

In the event that an accident or incident should occur, you will have immediate access to the service and be able to create a missing poster within minutes. This poster can be automatically translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German and then be made available over the Internet or sent via email to any appropriate person or organization.

Extra Peace of mind

Use Family Safe Plus accessories to help keep your family safe. Simply place a wristband or tag onto your child or vulnerable adult and let the service speak for them! If they should wander off or be involved in an accident or incident, anyone calling the 24 hr support number on the back will be put straight through to you – helping to reunite you and your family member in the shortest possible time.

We have developed a pack specifically for holidays. The pack contains 6 passport guards, 4 luggage guards, 4 wallet guards and 10 disposable, waterproof wristbands for just £9.99 Simply write your mobile phone number and Family Safe Plus ID (issued to you with your free account) on the guards or wristbands and anyone will be able to contact you.

*Family Safe Holidays provides a free Family Safe Plus account for your next holiday. To have 365 day protection at home and abroad for your family, upgrade for just £10 and get a free Family Safe Holidays pack (worth £9.99)

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