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10 ways we can help

Help1. Family Safety

Young or old, store photos, medical conditions and emergency contacts on your account. Produce and distribute missing posters in 6 languages should a family member become lost. more »

Help2. Emergency Numbers

Store all the telephone numbers that you may need in an emergency on your account or use this website to have access from anywhere in the world. more »

Help3. Family Health

Use your Family Safe Plus account to store medication, medical conditions, allergies and other important information that may be needed by you or the emergency services. more »

Help4. Insurance

If you have an accident or need help, storing your policy number and emergency telephone number on your account will ensure help is always only a phone call away. more »

Help5. Mobile Phones

Lost or stolen mobile phone? Don’t let someone ring up huge bills – use your free Family Safe Plus account to store your IMEI number and cancel your phone. more »

Help6. Money & Cards

Lost your wallet? The numbers needed to cancel your cards are available on this website or can be stored on your Family Safe Plus account. more »

Help7. Passports

Losing a passport can ruin your holiday. Storing your passport numbers on Family Safe Plus can help you get a replacement. more »

Help8. Travel Documents

Losing or having your travel documents stolen can cause major disruption to your holiday. Store all the details on your account and have access from anywhere in the world. more »

Help9. Travel Advice

In the current climate, having the latest information from the appropriate authorities is vital. The numbers and websites you need are listed here for your convenience. more »

Help10. Home Contingency

Once you have stored your travel itinerary on Family Safe Plus, use the function provided to send it to a trusted friend or relative so someone in the UK can help you in an emergency. more »

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